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Who We Serve

The investment professionals at Westward Investment Advisory have worked with a wide variety of clients, both institutional and private, over the course of their careers in the industry.  We've worked with not-for-profit organizations, family offices, financial institutions, pension plans, individual investors, trusts, governmental entities, and many other types of investors.

In addition, we've served clients in various capacities in different types of financial services organizations.  For example, we have managed client assets in a fiduciary capacity as part of a nationally registered trust company, we have executed securities trades on behalf of clients in an agency capacity as part of a broker dealer, we've even acted in a trustee capacity in the management and distribution of the assets of private foundations.  This breadth of experience gives us perspective that is a valuable resource when working with our clients.

While we can accommodate a wide variety of clients, we seek to work only with clients where we can add maximum value to their portfolios.  The types of clients described below are our primary focus. 

Private Wealth

Individual and family wealth investors deserve the same level of service and attention as do institutional investors.  In fact, private wealth arrangements can be more diverse and multi-faceted than other types of investors.  Because private wealth can include taxable and tax deferred accounts with different time horizons and risk tolerances, multiple legal entities, and changing circumstances based on life events; Westward Investment Advisory approaches each private wealth client with the same care and attention to detail that we use when working with a large institution.

We work with private wealth investors to understand their entire financial picture.  We take a consulting approach to looking for opportunities to optimize your financial plan, service provider arrangements, and ultimate outcomes.  Of equal importance is the care we take in evaluating the risks inherent in your financial plan and service provider arrangements.  We will help you identify, understand, and mitigate unnecessary risks while managing those that are imminent in your personalized strategy.


Institutional investment management is in our firm's DNA.  We have extensive experience working with small, medium and large institutions of nearly every type you can imagine.  We understand the unique differences that exist​ among different types of institutions as well as the unique structural, regulatory, and legal considerations for managing assets of each.  Examples of institutional clients include:

  • Family Offices and Private Family Collectives
  • Not-for-Profit entities
    • ​Foundations (Private, Corporate, Community)
    • Colleges, Universities, and other Educational Institutions
    • Social Service Organizations
    • Faith-based Organizations
    • ​Organizations for the Arts
  • Corporations
  • Municipalities and Public Funds
  • ​Retirement Plans