About Us

Westward Investment Advisory is an independent registered investment advisory firm founded by a small group of experienced investment professionals with deep roots in the Midwest.  We proudly adhere to a set of principles that reflects our heritage.

​We take a conservative approach to managing assets.  We work to manage risk while optimizing return within the risk parameters of our clients.

We maintain a disciplined focus on fundamental processes.  We do not chase performance or embrace the latest fads in the markets.  


We value our client relationships above everything else.  Our goal is to earn our clients' trust and loyalty every day.

Kansas City

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​Our Hometowns

Our Experience

​The investment professionals at Westward have an average of over 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of clients.  We have worked with institutions on portfolios that exceed $1 billion, individuals with assets of less than $1 million and just about every type of client in between.  We know that different types of investors have different needs and that even similar investors can differ substantially in their long-term goals and risk tolerances.  So while we approach each client differently, we employ disciplined processes in the planning and execution of investment management strategies that help to enhance our clients' outcomes.  Our broad experience affords us insightful perspective and the opportunity to apply best practices, as applicable, to each client relationship.

Our Approach

We take a goal-based approach to managing client assets, so our success depends on how well we understand our clients.  We work shoulder to shoulder with each client to understand their unique needs and we utilize proprietary tools to clarify and quantify desired outcomes and risk tolerances.  Through this process we develop the portfolio management strategy which typically includes strategic and tactical allocations across asset classes to institutional asset managers and individual securities.  Portfolio performance is monitored, managed, and communicated to our clients on an ongoing basis.